Sales conditions IMPLUVIA® & IGNOFOR® Ltd

  1. By calling on our services, you agree with the contractual sales conditions mentioned hereafter and you renounce your own conditions, whatever they may include, and by which we are not bound. Our sales conditions are presumed to be known and accepted by the client.
  2. Customised goods will be produced on the basis of a previously agreed price and after a partial or full payment in advance.
  3. (Unless otherwise agreed,) transportation costs and VAT shall be paid by the client.
  4. Materials will be considered to have been accepted and approved when they have been delivered at the client's address or collected at our depot.
  5. Our invoices shall be paid upon delivery of the goods or before shipment if transportation is organized by us and carried out by third parties or if the goods are collected at our depot.
  6. By law, and without prior notification, 1 % interest per month shall be due in case of failure to pay. This interest shall be calculated from the renewal date until the end of the relevant month. In addition, in case of non-payment, a lump sum of 10 % of the net amount of the invoice, or a minimum of 50 euros, shall be due.
  7. Goods delivered by IMPLUVIA® & IGNOFOR® Ltd shall remain its property as long as they have not been fully paid for, even if they have been delivered and installed. The buyer is fully liable in case of damage to or theft of the goods.
  8. Only duly motivated complaints lodged by registered letter within 8 days after the date mentioned on the invoice shall be admissible and examined.
  9. The Court of Antwerp shall be exclusively competent for all court cases and litigation concerning the execution of this contract.
  10. These general sales conditions are an integral part of the delivery receipt, order form and/or the invoice, as mentioned on the back of the printed version of the invoice. The parties explicitly declare that they have read and understood these sales conditions.
IMPLUVIA & IGNOFOR BVBA reserves the right to make changes to the product specifications without prior notification.
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