The IGNO-FOR® open fireplace system consists of

  • An L-shaped chassis
  • A fan with a dust filter and a noise-reducing device
  • A speed controller
  • 2 hot air grilles and a 3 m flexible hose
  • Heat-resistant silicone sealant
  • A manual for installation, use, etc.


  • External air flows through the IGNO-FOR® heat exchanger through a fan with a dust filter and speed controller. The heated, dust-free air passes through 2 grilles into the living room.


  • The fan also provides the required oxygen to the fire through a controllable acceleration air valve.
    The advantages are the following:
    • Clean combustion with the highest efficiency *
    • A strong or low-key fire can be perfectly controlled
    • The fire can be started quickly and without effort


  • Extra comfort during hot summer days: if the fan is installed in a cool room, the IGNO-FOR® system can operate as a "mini air-conditioning system".

*Use quality wood, not treated and dry enough for an ecological combustion.

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